Capitalize on your talent.
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We are ECOETHICS and we are keen to discover value and promote talent!
We get involved in building an ecological and ethical society, based on sharing of values, knowledge and learning.
We continuously initiate new projects and develop researches.
We capitalize on their talents to create positive social change impact: ecological and ethical. Promote environmental philosophy and ethics at all levels of social organization. We assume independence and promote freedom.

We deal with:

- The discovery, value and promotion of human talent
- Personal development and capitalization of the individual potential
- Cultural education and promotion of cultural field;
- Behavior Development and good practice of management
- sharing and promoting ecological and ethical thinking as lifestyle
- Identification, recovery and promotion of Romanian talent and cultural values;
We believe in:

- Eco Thinking, long-term and ecological results, valuable environment
​​- Freedom and independence
- Knowledge, Research and Innovation
- Humanity, diversity and tolerance
- Tradition and continuity
- Perfectionism and excellence.

We are a team involved in building the future. A future in which construction, we offer you to participate.
We trust the wisdom and values ​​that promote human development with the natural environment.
We share an ecological and ethical life style.

Be welcome on the ECOETHICS site!
Mission. Vision. Value
Ecoethics Partners

Capitalize on your talent.
We discover, harness and capitalize talents to create social change with positive impact: ecological and
We are building a sustainable and an ethical society, through sharing knowledge and continuous
development of research and educational projects.
We aim to promote and develop ecological and ethical thinking and behavior at all levels of our society.
- Eco - results: creating a valuable long-term social environment.  We promote sustainable and ethical
thinking as lifestyle.
- Freedom and independence - we assume independence and promote freedom
- Knowledge, Research and Innovation - share of knowledge and innovative research projects
- Perfectionism, excellence - seeking excellence in everything we do.                                                   
Result Development este o companie de training şi consultaţă în management, vânzări şi resurse umane. Result oferă soluţii simple, inovatoare şi eficiente pentru creşterea afacerii tale. Aceste soluţii se concretizează în proiecte care integrează partea de cercetare şi consultanţă cu partea de evaluare, training şi coaching.

Mentor’s Search este o companie de recruare şi selecţie şi executive search specializată pe poziţii de top&middle management din diverse arii de activitate. Serviciile Mentor’s sunt: Mentor’s Search, Mentor’s Assessment şi Mentor’s Insurance.