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Dorin BODEA leads the consultancy, research and training in management and sales company, Result
Development, since 2006.
In the last 11 years, he has developed integrated projects on management and sales development, which
combines the evaluation and consultation with learning (training and coaching).
He advised and led training and coaching programs for companies including: Hewlett-Packard, Franke, ABB,
Schachermayer, Candy, Hoover, Gadagroup, Humanitas, for Princess Margarita of Romania etc.
Dorin is a specialist in behavioral assessment and has developed several measuring instruments including:
Behavioral Trends, Styles of thinking, Management behavior, Values inventory, growth culture vs.  morbid
culture etc. He held various research projects on organizational climate and culture.
In 2009-2011 he conducted the study of Romanian manager profile which showed trends in thinking and
behavior of Romanian managers. Dorin has a BC degree in psychology and sociology and has a master's degree
in business administration management. In the present, he is a PhD student of the National Institute of
Economic Research of the Romanian Academy, specializing in management.

He is passionate about knowledge, education and research.

Ecoethics Team
Diana SPĂTĂREL is the Vice President of EcoEthics Association and collaborator of Result Development. She
graduated The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport,
specializing in Physical Therapy, both within “Babes-Bolyai" University  in Cluj-Napoca and has a experience in
NGOs , in working with vulnerable and young people, on reintegration and rehabilitation, training of
prevention of  violence and discrimination, empowerment, human rights.
She participated in several community studies on education, mental health, migration and access to
healthcare .She is a follower of non-formal education and psychodrama.

Her hobbies are traveling, mountains and cinema.

Cristina MITU
Cristina MITU is a consultant in human resources and joined Result in 2009. She is an active practitioner in
behavioral assessment and personal development. She leads training programs for skills development and
organizational behavior, communication techniques, team development, time management etc. She realized
several research projects in the area of ​​organizational climate and culture. Cristina is specialized in
marketing management, communication and public relations.

She enjoys research and working with people - to listen, to understand, to help others.


Dragos Butuzea is a partner in the recruitment company Mentor`s Search and he deals with the management
of recruitment, selection, assessment and development centers projects and sales management career. In the
role of consultant and trainer for Result, he develops and leads learning programs in management and
communication, consulting on organizational development and performance management; he is motivated by
the discovery and exploitation of talent. Among the companies he helped with projects are: Hewlett-Packard,
Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Candy Hoover, Remedis, Indaco, Humanitas.

He is passionate of literature, arts, blogging.


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